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LSE/IITM Mathematics

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Handout 1: Set Theory
Handout 2: Index Numbers
Handout 3: Trigonometric Functions
Handout 4:

Imaginary Numbers

Handout 5a: Difference Equations I
Handout 5b: Difference Equations II
Handout 5c: Difference Equations III
Handout 5d: Difference Equations IV
Handout 6a: Differential Equations I
Handout 6b: Differential Equations II
Handout 7a Applications of Matrices I
Handout 7b Applications of Matrices II
Handout 7c Applications of Matrices III
Handout 8a : Stochastic Processes 4 IdiotsI
Handout 8b : Stochastic Processes 4 IdiotsII
Handout 9 : Taylor's -Simpson'sNo more in syllabus
Handout10 : Lagrange No more in syllabus
Handout11 : Forecasting
Handout11b : Forecasting II
Handout12 : Econometrics
Handout13a : Explanatory Data
Handout13b : Cluster Analysis
Handout14 : Course Summary
Handout15: Seasonal Forecasting
Handout16: Queuing Theory
Handout17: Hypothesis Testing in Econometrics




Tutoring Sheet 1 : Set Theory Answers
Tutoring Sheet 2 : Index Numbers Answers
Tutoring Sheet 5 : Difference Equations Answers
Tutoring Sheet 6 : Differential Equations Answers
Tutoring Sheet 7 : Applications of Matrices Answers
Tutoring Sheet 8a : Stochastic Processes Past Papers